Sale NFL Jerseys The Ethnic Relations Commission

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Sale NFL Jerseys The Ethnic Relations Commission

Postby sei5trov9 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:55 pm

The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) has appointed three special rapporteurs to deal with three pressing issues of discrimination.One issue involves the failure of African rice farmers in West Coast Berbice are not planting but are leasing their rice lands to the East Indian rice farmers.The ERC is also being invited to investigate police operations and processes as it relates to young Afro Guyanese, particularly those in Agricola, East Bank Demerara.The ERC is also to look at Linden where persons are complaining of discrimination.Commenting on the African rice farmers in Berbice, Chairman of the ERC,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Bishop Juan Edghill, at a press conference earlier in the week, told reporters that this specific issue was raised at a meeting that the ERC held with the Region Five Democratic Council earlier in the year. He explained that one councilor who is a member of the farmers’ group informed the ERC that he noticed that Afro Guyanese farmers are no longer planting rice. As such,Ben Gedeon Jersey, a special rapporteur has been assigned to investigate the issue.“That in itself could have serious problems down the road. There is a special rapporteur who will be investigating that. Our investigative unit here at the ERC has already done some preliminary work, but now we are taking it into a wider scale,” Edghill said.The ERC is also investigating police operations and processes as it relates to young Afro Guyanese,Wholesale China Jerseys, particularly those in Agricola,Cheap NFL Jerseys, East Bank Demerara to determine if there is racial profiling.“The complaints reaching the ERC state that these youths are picked up because they are liming on the street corners or they are congregating somewhere…They are locked up overnight, they are finger printed,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, they are photographed and the rest of it before they are released.”The ERC, he said, has set out to find out if this is normal police procedure and if it is then the hierarchy of the police force needs to inform the ERC if that is so.“How is this affecting ethnic relations in Guyana? Is this same kind of operation undertaken in other communities where predominantly Indians live?” Bishop Edghill questioned.A special rapporteur was also appointed to look at Linden issues. According to Bishop Edghill, a municipal meeting was held in the community and a number of issues were raised.As such,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, the rapporteur was appointed to determine whether the community of Linden has been discriminated against by the Administration because of its ethnic composition.“People have made complaints concerning administrative acts that look and appear based on their perceptions that the administration has a centralized policy to discriminate against Linden.”Bishop Edghill said that the reports from all these investigations will be made public when the investigations are completed.
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