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When dem boys wake up and see de newspaper talking how de opposition been to de Amaila Falls road dem realize that Donald ketch dem like how dem fisherman does ketch Cuffum or Gilbacker—wid a hook that got some sweetening at de end.Of course is a long time de opposition was asking to see de project because is dem got to vote de money but wid Bharrat at de head dem couldn’t see it. Fuh one,cheap jerseys from china, dem woulda get an idea of how much money had to go to de project. That woulda cut up de runnings fuh nuff people. Fip woulda never collect fuh share wid some of dem who talk up de project.But dem boys seh that Donald know that things tight wid de project and he need de support suh he carry in de opposition.Things tight wid GPL too suh he order dem to talk to one another. He want de money wha de opposition cut. In fact,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, is Brazzy want de money because he is de one who get all of dem in de boat. Is he tell dem that Fip coulda do de hydro road; is he who tell dem that de first Kingston power station woulda end all blackout; and is he who tell Jagdeo to buy a second hand generator from Suriname for de local power sector.De people charge more fuh de second hand generator than Guyana woulda pay for a new one but of course that is how de money use to move around.Dem boys want to know if de opposition gun peep inside de bond fuh de security firm. Kanhai had a good thing going. He had a good business buying and selling. De only thing is that he was buying thiefing thing and selling de same thiefing thing.De opposition got a chance fuh really peep and check.Talk half and watch de money trail.
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