Flooring industry suitable

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Flooring industry suitable

Postby wangkiky » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:19 am

<p>brand is the inevitable choice . Flooring industry suitable for taking the brand line? From a macro point of view of the industry, the floor is China's traditional industries, more and more consumers are recognized, flooring products, the consumer market is the entire community. Flooring brands can only choose to make a huge general </p>
<p>consumer base from the industry to compare products, so as to obtain the subjective recognition of consumers. For example, China's Nanxun in Zhejiang Province is the 'wood floor,' which is a geographical brand, so that consumers will think of wood flooring will think of Zhejiang Nanxun. This regional brand to improve the </p>
<p>competitiveness of the South Alder wood floor in the market is beyond doubt. Take the brand line requires builders have their own unique taste and highly recognized their own products, so in the design and production of products, companies will naturally continue to progress, making the entire market endless. And those who do not flow </p>
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