What are the advantages of a tubular furnace?

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What are the advantages of a tubular furnace?

Postby wangkiky » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:50 am

Tube furnace has a single, double, horizontal, open, vertical, single temperature zone, double temperature zone, three temperature zone and other tube type furnace type.
1. a single set or 30 stage programmable controller can be selected.
2. the surface temperature can be reduced to the normal temperature. Temperature is long, easy operation, reliable sealing, high performance targets, in the leading domestic level.
3. the process is mature;Hot sale resistance vacuum degreasing carbonization furnace
The structure of the 4. furnace is simple.
5. is easy to operate, easy to control, and can be produced continuously.
The yield of 6. ethylene and propylene is high, and the concentration of the product is high.
7. the power consumption is less and the thermal efficiency is high.Industrial furnace ovens lab heating equipments high temperature vacuum sintering tube furnace
Most of the 8. cleavage and flue gas can be managed to recover.
9. the scope of application of raw materials is expanding with the progress of cracking technology.
10. can be multi - furnace combination and large production.High Quality Oil And Gas Recovery Vacuum Pump
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