FIFA 16 Manilpulating Space

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FIFA 16 Manilpulating Space

Postby jamesbonds » Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:46 am

Manilpulating space is the key to success: they joke in Germany sometimes that Thomas Muller is an aerospace engineer because he can manipulate space on a pitch. And I love how this year's FIFA is all about manipulating space. Finding spaces of grass to push the ball into, putting the right weight on the ball for pass. It's great.

It's said all the time, but refs: I'm not going to beat a dead horse, but the refs suck. And I'm going to throw a new wrinkle on the conversation. Obviously bad slide tackles that make no contact due to player jumping need to be fouls with cheapest fifa coins. Bar none. Intent needs to be brought in on those because for as long as it isn't, people are going to try to abuse the jumping offensive player's poor touch.

Going on defensive/ultra defensive/park the bus is too strong: I've gone on defensive exactly one time when I was up late to prove a point to a dick, but that's it. 95% of my opponents... Play on defensive for 90 minutes. Why? It's strong. I actually don't think the defensive AI is too strong. Quite the opposite. 1-on-1 tackling is hard, and often times on really shoddy through balls of 40 yards they don't pick up either the pass or the attacker (seriously, I've seen really bad AI moments here). However there's a way around it, and furthermore that way around it makes the AI look really, stupidly good.

Defensive, ultra defensive, whatever. My average opponents attack will look like 1 or 2 of his guys in the box to 2-to-3 of mine. My average attack looks like 5 of my guys to 6+ of his. There's defensive strength in numbers in this year and its god awful to play against.

Offensive AI is so badly outdated: this is coupled with this problem. PES has a far superior offensive AI it's not even funny. It's the one calling card for that series however with some other issues. This offensive AI feels a lot like the same offensive AI I played on FIFA 11. Except new coding folds such as the "have to pass it to the offside player" glitch and the "your player doesn't care about getting out of the way of your shot for 20 yards of running" mechanic. EA has given us an amazing amount of tools to play beautiful on the ball, I hope eventually they give us the tools to play beautiful with teammates. A driven pass isn't the only thing I want in the way of getting my teammates the ball.

The minor defensive AI bugs: Poor marking on some crosses, poor job picking up the middle (THE MIDDLE) man a three man counter attack, inability to turn around on long aerial through balls and fifa coins online. The defensive AI is tuned decently well, but while there's ways to abuse it on the strong side, you can pick up on and exploit the weaknesses.

And there we go, I feel like inevitably I influenced someone to try these game abuses on their own and I'm sorry for whoever they play, but that's my impression.
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Path of Exile Vaal Orbs Guide

Postby jamesbonds » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:56 am

The main use case for Vaal Orbs is getting very high value corruptions on certain specific items. +1 Frenzy Charges on Blood Dance boots is a good example of this. In order to do that you need a serious budget for gambling. You might have to buy dozens (or even hundreds depending on RNG) of copies of the item you're trying to corrupt and have just many Vaal Orbs too. this is high stakes gambling where you will probably lose everything, but have a small chance of getting something incredibly valuable. The question is, how do items in the game become corrupted? Simple: with Vaal Orbs. Let’s dive into this Path of Exile Currency Guide!

The Effect of Vaal Orbs
One of POE’s currencies is the Vaal Orb. You can earn them by killing monsters, opening chests, Arcanist’s strongboxes, and destructible containers. Vaal Orbs are available through the vendor recipe system, where players have to give vendors a semi-specific set of items in exchange for another. For Vaal Orbs, it’s Vaal skill gems and one Sacrifice Vaal Fragment for one Vaal Orb. Lastly, Divination Cards are tradable for Vaal Orbs in the following way:

Three of The Catalyst for one
Five of Emperor’s Luck for five
Six of The Inventor for ten

Although there are no two orbs that have the same effect, Vaal Orbs are unique. Unlike other orbs, whose items they modify can be modified once more by another orb, the Vaal Orb “corrupts” the item it alters. It means that the item isn’t customizable afterward. With this special effect, it’s essential for players who are using Vaal Orbs to choose wisely which items they’re going to use it on because it could either make it better or worse.

What to Use Vaal Orbs
So, how do you use Vaal Orbs? Well, if you want to play it safe, choose not to use it and sell it instead. You could earn currencies in exchange, and you don’t risk losing anything.

For starters, you can use it on items that you don’t mind losing. A good example is cheap but unique items that have useful modifiers but aren’t your primary gear. It’s not recommended to use it on the latter because of the unpredictable and unchangeable result of the Vaal Orb. One wrong outcome can make it unusable. That’s why a lot of players, especially rich ones, prefer to stock up on lots of items first before using Vaal Orbs since they have a chance to gain significant items in a single sitting.

Another use of the Vaal Orb is with the strongboxes. By doing this, players get a chance to gain rare corrupted items after killing the monsters inside of it.

How to Make POE Vaal Skill Gems
A popular use of Vaal Orbs, however, is in converting skill gems to Vaal skill gems. Unlike their regular counterpart, they have a soul counter and require a certain number of souls before you can utilize them. For example, the Vaal Glacial Hammer can have up to 24 soul counters and spends 1 soul counter every time the skill is in action.

To charge these soul counters, players have to kill monsters. The Vaal skill gem whose soul counter gets charged is at random, so if you have more than one Vaal skill gem socketed, so you’ll have to take note which ones get charged. Besides, the charges return to zero when you move to another map and gain more max charges as you progress in the story. Completing Act 5 increases the max charges by 150% while completing Act 10 increases the max charges by 200%.

While Vaal skill gems are more powerful than their default iterations, it’s more difficult to get quality Vaal skill gems, as you cannot use a Gemcutter’s Prism on them. To get around this problem, some players find quality skill gems first before corrupting them.

Despite seeming completely useless for beginning players, Vaal Orbs are sought after, and for good reason. So, are you looking for one? If not, you better be because it’s worth it.

If you’re looking for Vaal Orbs to experiment on your own, or unique corrupted weapons or armour, you should consider visiting the Path of Exile store at <a href="">U4gm POE currency/</a>! You’ll find these and more at their store for a reasonable cost, and all transactions are safe and secure.

Now, go forth and arm yourself with the power of corruption to survive Wraeclast! See you on the battlefield!
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Do You Want To Play Volatile Dead in Path of Exile?

Postby jamesbonds » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:01 am

Do you want to play Volatile Dead, but hate the idea of having to cast Desecrate or Unearth first? Want a fast-clearing character that can get through bosses too? And no six-link required?

If this sounds good, try out my build! It’s 3.1-tested up to map tier 16 and level 93. I will be updating my build as I progress through the league, it’s still a little rough around the edges but I don’t think I’m far off.

This is a softcore-only build. I do NOT recommend it for hardcore. Also, due to the amount of travel nodes at the beginning of the tree, you will need to level as freezing pulse or another leveling skill before switching over to Volatile Dead at around Act 3. You can use Poet’s Pen, an important build unique, at level 12, so if this is not your first character you may use them while leveling to great effect.


Fast clearing
Smoother skill spam than self-cast Desecrate
Uses Pathfinder ascendancy: movement speed, bonus flask charges, ele damage penetration
Kills bosses FAST!


Requires you to use more than one skill in boss fights
Requires good flask management
Gearing may be too expensive
Leveling is slower than other builds without party play or investment in leveling uniques.

Skill gems

Volatile Dead - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction
Unearth - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Cremation
Frenzy - Power Charge on Critical - Culling Strike - Faster Attacks
Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Decoy Totem
Note: the Decoy totem is very useful for bosses that can be taunted. It should be higher level than the CWDT so that you can self-cast it. If you can fit Decoy Totem elsewhere, socket a golem into this series.

Cremation - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect - Greater Multiple Projectiles
Unearth - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Spell Totem
Note: As of level 93 I am not using this setup, though I feel that if you are not running Kaom's Heart and the Volatile Dead +1 helm enchant, this setup may still be necessary.
Lighting Warp or Flame Dash
Vaal Haste
If using an Essence Worm: Anger
Note: this will probably mean that you will need to have high resistances on your amulet, boots, gloves, and belt -- since your rings will provide curse on hit Warlord's Mark and Anger.

I hope this guide can help you, more tricks and tips, you can visit our website, furthermore, there you will poe orbs buyyou want, to get more information click here.
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What Makes You Love Path of Exile?

Postby jamesbonds » Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:17 am

Path of Exile is a MMO-ARPG game made by Grinding Gear Games (a small indie company used to be but now one of the great developers I have come across).

This game is considered to be the "real" sequel to Diablo II (as said by many D2 players a lot of time). IT is totally Free to play and the only MTX you can purchase either makes your character looks different and provides some QoL additions, in the event you are hesitating where to poe buy orbs, U4gm POE orbs is going to be a great option.(like currency tab, extra stash tab, etc).

The game gets a new league/ season every 3 months and 1-2 big expansions every year, totally free. I will list down some positives and negatives regarding this game since I have played over 2k hrs, its easier to list them down.


Totally F2P game.
Helpful community.
New leagues every 3 months and expansion every 6-8 months.
Passive skill tree. This is the only game I have seen where the skill tree is commonly available to all the playable classes. And because of the single linked tree, the combinations of differents builds possible is insane.
Loot finding is fun
Endgame bosses fights are engaging and hard, but equally rewarding.
One of the best customer support out there.
Ambient music is goooood. It fits the theme of wherever we are. For example, search youtube for " Path of Exile Act 6 Lioneye music"
Crafting system is deep and powerful.


Have to rely on some communtiy developed tools to really get into the game (but not really necessary if you just want to check it out).
Playing same story every league may not be some people's taste. (Even though new leagues add new mechanics, skills, etc).
Requires some good amont of time devotion if you want to complete the end game content.
Passive skill tree. For 1st time players, it looks like an impossible task of understanding the tree. And honestly, I'll not be surprised if people ditch the game for same reason.
Some visual effects make game lag, even on decent systems.
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How Can Make Your Gameplay Experience A Little Easier in PoE

Postby jamesbonds » Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:30 am

I’ve played the game for about a year and, though I feel like it’s a pretty bold statement to make this early, I truly feel like Path of Exile is one the best games I’ve ever played on the PC. We all know how the traditional loot game goes, though. There is a lot to learn. Taking one glance at that ridiculous passive skill tree could be enough to send one ARPG fan running away with no intentions of coming back. Don’t let this game scare you though. You should be thrilled with the depth and complexity that Path of Exile gameplay offers.

If you’re intimidated, here are a few websites and tools that you can use to make your gameplay experience a little easier.

Path of Exile Currency Exchange Rates
Path of Exile has no official poe currency and that’s what makes the economy so dynamic and crazy. In a busy atmosphere where prices are fluctuating constantly, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect. Use this website as a mild guide for what you should expect to be fair. Knowing the game from experience is the only way to truthfully gauge and otherwise exploit Path of Exile’s economy.

Path of Exile Subreddit
Grinding Gear Games staff and official in-game moderators frequent this subreddit, and that gives it a lot of weight. Chris Wilson, the game’s lead developer, created the subreddit himself. The thing about this community is that, just by paying attention to it every other day, you could probably find each of the resources I’m going to list in this article. Reddit is always digging at information, analyzing the game, and updating you with news.

Path of Exile Skill Tree Planner
The Path of Exile Skill Tree Planner is a tool coded in C# that brings the passive skill tree offline and offers more extensive features and functionality. It is available only on Windows and there is a support thread on the forums if you’re having any issues.

Not only does this application let you manage your builds away from the dependency of the Path of Exile website, but it offers much more information.

Path of Exile Wiki
This one is really a no-brainer. Wikis have become an information sensation ever since Wikipedia, and they are a godsend to gamers. The wiki boasts 690 pages in total. Here’s what kind of information you can expect to find:

Details on every class.
Details on every gem (skill and support).
A bestiary (separated by act).
Information on every drop in the game.
Specifics on some of the game’s mechanics.

Yes. Kripparrian, the famed Diablo III player turned Path of Exile expert, is to be considered a resource.

Kripparrian is really a genius at these sort of games. He’s got a Twitch channel, where he has been actively playing Path of Exile, and a YouTube channel, where he constantly posts instructional videos that will make you better at the game.

Play the game, learn the game, and you will find yourself beating the game. Have any other cool shares? Let me see them in the comments!
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Understanding the Path of Exile’s Currency System for Player

Postby jamesbonds » Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:37 am

Path of Exile 's no base currency. No gold, dollars, or money. You don’t kill a mob and see ‘361 gold’ drop. Instead, the currency is the drops thesmelves, which have other functions in addition to their purpose as economic bargaining chips. The lowest level of poe orbs is the Scroll of Wisdom.

You can find hundreds of these lying around very easily. The purpose it serves is to identify the rare gear you find on your journeys. Any item above the base rarity will drop as Unidentified, and you must use a Scroll of Wisdom to reveal the properties that it holds. The Scrolls of Wisdom are incredibly common, and in any late game map, you can expect to easily find at least twenty. They are worth so little that no one bothers trading them, and, after a point, most people don’t even bother picking them up.

Jumping up a few tiers in rarity, we get to the Orb of Transmutation. Once again, this is another drop that you can find anywhere in the game. When you find an item that has no stats on it, you can use an Orb of Transmutation on it. This bumps it from Normal up to Magic, and adds a property to it. This is extremely helpful if you find the item you need, but it doesn’t have any stats on it. You just throw an Orb of Transmutation on it, and now it has stats! As you get further through the game you can find Regal Orbs, which take that Magical item you made and bump it up even higher to become Rare. This adds yet another stat to the item.

As you can see, all of the currency items are not truly currency. Drops in Path of Exile are items that have and serve purposes within the game, typically modifying items. The players themselves have assigned value to these items, and use them to buy and trade other gear. The Chaos Orb is the widely agreed upon ‘standard currency,’ due to their relatively stable rarity value. You can collect Chaos Orbs, but it takes a while to gather a sizable stockpile, making them the perfect currency item.

If you want to buy cheapest currency, don't forget to from, which is the best choice for poe items services on the market!
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Path of Exile 3.1 Builds - Freezing Pulse Elementalist

Postby jamesbonds » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:20 am

The Life Essence Occultist is a pretty strange build. Instead of using a wand, it uses a sword. To be fair, it’s anything goes in Path of Exile, but an occultist with a blade is still pretty out there. Nevertheless, it’s a solid build that can even kill the Shaper.

How to Level up?

For leveling, I don't recommend using Freezing Pulse. Without the necessary First Snow jewels, as well as a 5 or 6 linked chest and a decent amount of crit invested, the skill can feel pretty underwhelming.

Instead, Firestorm and Flame Totem are great leveling skills that will shred through content until you are able to move on to a Freezing Pulse setup.

I would advise switching to a Freezing Pulse setup around Acts 8-10, depending on the current gear you have access to.

Good leveling gear includes Tabula Rosa (chest), dual Lifesprig wands, Goldrim (helmet), and Atziri's Foible (amulet).

Weapon: any Rare Dagger or Sword with bonuses to spell damage, elemental damage, chaos damage, accuracy, chance to block, and attribute requirements.

Shield: any Rare Spirit Shield with bonuses to energy shield, elemental resistance, attributes, and reductions to attribute requirements.

Chest: Skin of the Loyal (Unique) for +1 level of socketed gems and 100% global defense.

Helm: any Rare Circlet with bonuses for elemental damage and resistances, spell damage, energy shield, and increased Essence Drain damage.

Gloves: any Rare Gloves with Trigger Degree of Frost on Kill, energy shield, life regen, elemental resistances, and stun and block recovery.

Belt: Any Rare Belt with bonuses to attributes, energy shield, elemental resistances, life, and life regen.

Jewels: any Rare Jewels with bonuses to damage over time and chaos damage, as well as physical, spell, and elemental damage.

Accessories: 2 Rare Rings with bonuses to energy shield, chaos damage, physical, spell, and elemental damage, mana, elemental resistances, and rarity of items found. Rare Amulet with bonuses to spell damage, cast speed, critical strike chance, energy shield, mana, and manaregen.

Flasks: Sorrow of the Divine (Unique) for increased damage and Consecrated Ground on use. Witchfire Brew (Unique) for increased evasion rating, damage over time, and creation of Smoke Cloud and Despair Curse. Kiara’s Determination (Unique) for immunity to freeze, chill, and curses. Two Sulphur Flasks, one for Dousing and Staunching, for immunity to and removal of burning and bleeding, respectively.

It is important that you have to poe buy orbs on your account before you prior to getting towards. The Freezing Pulse Elementalist is an affordable and solid build that hits like a truck and can take blows the same way it dishes them out.
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What We Can Expect in PoE 3.2.0 From the Looks of It!

Postby jamesbonds » Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:34 am

As we are the best location online to buy route of exile foreign poe currency, we also like to keep a close eye on what is happening in the world of Path Of Exile. It has been almost 3 months since the start of the Abyss League, so that means another league is almost upon us. Grinding Gear Games gave us a sneak peek Thursday on what we can expect in Path of Exile 3.2. From the looks of it, this will be a very interesting league.

Uber Elder
In the Abyss League, the Elder and Shaper fought over control of the Atlas and were separate battles. In 3.2, it seems both can be in the same map, and players will have the opportunity to fight both at the same time.

Other Announcements
29 new unique items and 30 more powerful “fated” uniques.
Ascendancy changes
10 new divination cards
New quest in act 10

This is a very ambitious change of direction to Path of Exile. Time will tell how successful the league is. One must commend GGG for thinking outside of the box. The only concern I have is how powerful the new items and beast mechanics will be. Hopefully it will add to the fun that is Path of Exile and not make players overpowered and content trivial.Path of Exile Bestiary.

The Bestiary
The bestiary is the main mechanic of this league. Players will be tasked with going out and capturing the beasts of Path of Exile and placing them in your own zoo or “menagerie.” These beasts will then be sacrificed to craft items. This is a complete change of direction from previous leagues that involved players reacting with an item and killing the many creatures that would then spawn.
Another part of the bestiary, is the addition of Einhar Frey. Not sure whether this is another forsaken master to join the likes of Elreon, Vorici, etc., but it looks that way. Einhar will be involved with capturing beasts and beastcrafting.

It will also be interesting if the new uniques will add anything to the game. One of the uniques announced looks interesting, Greedtrap. These slippers don’t add much to builds, they do add 12% increased item quantity. It will be fun seeing the builds using these with Bisco’s Collar and Ventor’s Gamble to increase item drops. For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can poe orbs buy cheap.
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