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–    claims workers on “sit in”, garbage truck broke downThe owners of “Big Gill Fashion” located on Water Street,Cheap Jerseys USA, Georgetown, upon their arrival to open the business entity Monday morning were greeted with a large pile of garbage at the entrance.Reports are that the garbage was dumped there some time between Sunday and Monday morning by workers attached to the Mayor and City Council.Frank Gill of the “Big Gill Fashion” points to the garbage outside his business.Frank Gill,Wholesale Jerseys From China, proprietor of the “Big Gill Fashion”, told Kaieteur News on Monday that he was upset by the actions of the M&CC since the office should not have allowed the garbage to be dumped in front of his business.Further, if they were going to use the front of his boutique as a point of collection for the garbage, the M&CC should have ensured that the workers collect this garbage and dispose of it in a safe, healthy and presentable manner.Gill explained that his wife telephoned the M&CC office concerning the matter as soon as they arrived for work and they were both disappointed with the excuses given by the City Council.“They told my wife that the workers are at a sit-in,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, a strike because they haven’t been paid since last month,China Jerseys, and that is why the garbage was left here.“This isn’t right because this is Central Georgetown where people would pass,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, shop every minute. A fast food outlet (KFC) is here, Bounty is next door, the market is here and bus park so this is unhealthy and unacceptable,” said Gill.According to the man’s wife it is understandable if they choose the location to collect the garbage but the council should ensure that it is removed.“A lady at the M&CC said that one truck is supposed to collect the garbage. But as you can see the garbage is still here,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, it is looking bad, and this affects business and health,” said Mrs Gill.When Kaieteur News contacted the M&CC, an employee at their office stated that the garbage collection truck had broken down over the weekend.This prevented the workers from collecting garbage in the city, the officer said.“We can’t remove the garbage without the workers and the truck broke down but today Puran Brothers will dispose of the garbage in front of these locations,Cheap NFL Jerseys,” said an employee of the Council.Several citizens visiting the Stabroek Market area on Tuesday to conduct business and shop for items were appalled at the state of the city.One woman said that it is understandable if the council cannot utilize the workers due to a strike, however; the M&CC should ensure that other mechanisms are put in place to dispose of garbage should a sit-in occur.
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