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Wholesale Authentic Jerseys David Granger

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-‘opaque contracts’ will be reviewedThe country’s 10th Parliament, historical because the ruling party does not have aAPNU’s Presidential Candidate, Brigadier General (rtd) David Granger addressing the National Assembly yesterday.majority, shifted into gear yesterday with the largest opposition party indicating a smooth road may not be likely for this year’s National Budget.Already suffering one blow from losing the coveted Speaker position after Raphael Trotman, leader of the Alliance For Change, was sworn in to that position with a one-vote majority,Bill Lee Jersey, the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C)  now has to venture into uncharted waters and possibly broker agreements,Wholesale Jerseys China, to have the 2012 National Budget passed.Yesterday, Presidential Candidate of the A Partnership For National Unity (APNU),Wholesale Jerseys China, Brigadier General (rtd) David Granger, made it clear that his party would not be settling for “mere consultations” on the National Budget.“We are interested in collaboration. We want a budget that was drafted on a tripartite basis so that all of the monies that are collected through revenues are deployed to the benefit of the people as a whole.”Speaking with reporters shortly after the first sitting of the National Assembly was adjourned, Granger warned that APNU will be paying keen attention on how monies are being spent in Guyana.“We don’t want monies squirreled away in areas where the National Assembly has no scrutiny. So there are specific things that we need to inject in the budgetary process and we need to be part of the planning. We don’t want to be presented with a fait accompli (done deal).”Last year,Clark Griswold Jersey, the National Budget was presented in January.According to Granger, who likely will be taking over as the new Leader of the Opposition,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Guyana can expect APNU and AFC, to its Parliamentary strength, to “bring about the changes.”“In the future, we will see more consensus because we are bent on having a tripartite agreement that will include the APNU,Cheap Jerseys Supply, AFC and the PPP.”The former top military officer said that his party is very clear about its vision and agenda and “We will continue to use our legislative strength as we did today to ensure that the people of Guyana achieve a better quality of life.”APNU has started drafting an agreement that will set the tone on how critical issues will be discussed under the situation of the ruling party not holding the majority votes.In terms of priorities, Granger said that APNU, a coalition which largest bloc comes from the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), intends to rebuild trust and reduce the current acrimony so that the quality of governance could be improved.Issues like the non-functioning Office of the Ombudsman and Public Service Appellate Tribunal will also critical issues to be addressed.“We need to improve on the financial management and the parliamentary budget process and we need to improve the way the National Assembly is managed and that is why the election of Mr Trotman is important more for change…not continuity.”Questioned about a possible review of a number of controversial contracts and projects, Granger said that they will be reviewed.“We are going to see greater transparency. We will insist that those important agreements be revisited if we feel that they were done in an opaque manner and we will insist that our majority in the National Assembly be given fair opportunity to participate in the way these agreements are crafted.”According to Granger, APNU has its own experts to help review the contracts and new projects.
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