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Cheap Jerseys Online Mrs. Cindy Cooper

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… tells them they cannot write CSECA large batch of students from Ann’s Grove Secondary School was told to ‘leave school’ because they did not ‘qualify’ to write the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams next year.According to sources at the school,Cheap Jerseys From China, a few weeks ago head teacher of the Secondary School,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Mrs. Cindy Cooper,Wholesale Jerseys Online, had a ‘mock exam’ set. This exam was administered to the students who entered fifth form in September of 2010 on October 11.Reports indicate that after the exam results were received the Head Teacher of the school called a parent teacher meeting. Those parents who did attend the meeting argued that since their children were not going to write the CSEC exams then they might as well send them off to other institutions where they could pick up other skills.However it appears that not all of the children concerned were represented by their parents at this meeting. The end result was that almost 70 children are now no longer attending classes and will not be allowed to write the CSEC exams at their district centre.Ms Cooper,Wholesale China Jerseys, who could not be reached for official comment nevertheless told at least one person that she has no problem with the children being in school but she has no programme to put them in since they will not be writing the CSEC exams.She also said that she cannot put the students back in the fourth form citing the Ministry of Education circular that prohibits schools from making students repeat any grade level.Concerned parents and relatives have indicated that their teens are now sitting at home,China Jerseys Cheap, idle when they should be in school. Questions have been raised as to what will happen to these children if they are not allowed to write the exams.Will they be considered drop outs or school leavers? What are their options for becoming qualified now that they have been denied the opportunity to write the CSEC exams through their Secondary School?Attempts to reach the Minister up till Friday night were unsuccessful but at least one Senior Education Official weighed in on the issue.The official stated that she doubted that the Ministry was aware of the incident but this was clearly not within the parameters of Ministry policy. She noted that these students should not have been made to leave the school since they have almost a whole year of schooling left under Ministry regulations.She also pointed out that whatever the parents might have said the head teacher should not have let that sway her obligation to look out for the best interests of her students.
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