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Wholesale NFL Jerseys China maafe22y

Postby dfr9xcdy66 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:17 pm

Whose house will be next?That may be the question lurking in the minds of Government official,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, since already for the week the homes of three public figures have been picketed.This time around,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, persons carrying posters, lighted candles and branches picketed the New Garden Street, Queenstown, home of Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee.Earlier in the week persons picketed the home, of GECOM Chairman Steve Surjbally and Chief Election Officer, Gocool Budhoo.During last night’s picketing exercise which started at around 19:30 hours,Cheap Jerseys China, the protesters called for the resignation of Minister Rohee who they say should take responsibility for the shooting of protestors earlier last week.That incident resulted in former Guyana Defense Force, Chief of Staff Edward Collins, Attorney-at-law James Bond, and several other People’s National Congress Reform, Party stalwarts being shot with rubber bullets.Some of these persons have also since been charged.Also during the exercise which was monitored by several ranks of the Guyana Police Force,Wholesale NFL Jerseys USA, the protesters sang hymns and offered prayers for Government officials. Throughout the exercise the picketers were reminded by the police to stay on the parapet opposite the Minister’s home. Some of those who gathered there carried placards carrying messages calling for the Minister to accept responsibility for Tuesday’s shooting.A Partnership for National Unity member Ms. Lurline Nestor who was among the picketers, said that they will not cease until there is an independent investigation into last Thursday’s shooting. According to Nestor, to date all they have been promised is a ‘probe’ which is not satisfactory to them.“They Minister is saying he did not give the orders,NFL Jerseys China, the commissioner is saying the same so it comes down to the junior ranks being blamed.”Nestor lamented that Tuesday’s incident shows that the current administration has every intention of continuing the spate of terror which was carried out under the Jagdeo regime.“We have over 400 youths who were murdered and to date we do not know the status of those reports and Tuesday’s shooting of protestors came three days after Mr. Ramoutar was sworn in,”.Nestor added that this,Wholesale China Jerseys, like other matters of concern,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, will be taken to the United Nations as they have already raised the issue with the Organization of America States and other international bodies.
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